Bellona- AP (1/8), 2016
Signed Silkscreen Artist Proof
16.50 x 11.50 in
‘Bellona’ is a four colour Screen Print by contemporary art collective Prefab77. Comprised of three, hand-painted layers on 300gsm Somerset Paper, the print is from a limited edition of 30 and is signed and numbered by the artist.

Art collective Prefab77 take contemporary street art to new heights - literally. Their urban artworks to-date include awe-inspiring paste-ups in Newcastle and Brighton, each spanning the size of a three storey building. Their work relies on heavy texture, using collage techniques, thick application of gloss, and bounteous coatings of spray-paint, to create bold, busy and beautiful prints.

‘Bellona’ depicts the head and shoulders of a women, in photorealist style. Set against a soft, grey background, Prefab77 have adorned the muse with a kaleidoscopic array of patterns, type, and graphics. The print mixes up monochrome with bold-red and gentle-gold to create a striking, Aztec-style patterning, which forms both the woman’s headdress and a busy border. It’s a piece that’s rich in texture and design: a triumph of contemporary street-to-canvas aesthetics.